and she found true love... And realized love isn't true.
And it never will be. \

I don’t want to be married I don’t want to be with anyone relationships suck and change you forever life is better by yourself if you don’t have anyone to treat you right bc relationships change everything.

I hate my life. So much. I’m so irritated. It doesn’t get better. I’m tired of this world. I want better smarter more mature people in my life.

You don’t help to do anything around here. You are pathetic. And make my life more stressful.

I hope you know you deserve nothing. At all. I hope you cry on you’re knees bc you are such a screwed up person.

Your not supposed to hit that hard. If I didn’t why should I get it harder. You got hot bc you were being hard to handle and disrespectful. It takes a lot for someone to have no control get up run behind you and hit you harder, in a place you know I already fucked. Your a piece of shit. You need help. I don’t need help anymore bc your making it worse. That’s all you do anymore. Its pathetic. You don’t know how to love. You don’t even know how to love in an argument.

It’s not right. You are so disrespectful to me. Your a child. You don’t know how to handle anything. Its pathetic when you don’t do anything right.

Your so annoying. I’m always horrible to u. No you are to me. So freaking mistreated by you arrogant ignorant ways. You stupid feeling human being you don’t respect anything about me and you shur as Hell don’t think anything of me. No congrats no good job no nothing until I mention everything. And your way of having a conversation with me is so wrong. We are now officially horrible matches bc we aren’t doing anything no one is trying. Oh wait one is.

Sometimes I wish I could just commit suicide or die in some way. So all the stress and pain and worrying could go away. So I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. So I wouldn’t have to keep trying. And keep being strong. I wish I could I have a lifesaver somebody to make my life easier to help me when I’m so tired of it all. When I’m breaking and in bad moods. Life isn’t that simple. But ik you can still have somebody who helps you more and makes it all easier on you. And smarter and common sense. Why do I have to suffer. Why can’t I solve my problems. Why can’t I ever get further than what I am. Why can’t some one help me at a certain point. Why is it only up to me. I tell you why. Its not. Other loved ones are supposed to help there loved ones. And I don’t get anything like that. I’m bein punished. I wish had the ability to leave everything and go away from this world. But I don’t.

How do you want to live more when you get your dream shut down like that.

I mean I get it I do. I really do. And I get how both sides can be unfair.
But where does the fairness come in through all the sacrifices we both make.
What’s too much and what’s just enough.
Why get shut down and that doesn’t sound fair or right.
I’ve heard of ppl working this out.
But how and does it actually happen.

I think movies lie obviously. But it seems possible when you hear real life.

You think I’m stupid.
The stupidest person on earth.
You can’t respect me bc of what you think.
You don’t like that part of me.
Without that is it enough.
It shur doesn’t seem enough.
Bc it makes me feel unloved
And unwanted
And it just hurts.

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