and she found true love... And realized love isn't true.
And it never will be. \

he was texting me about trading his supra for my 240 and i saw the stickers on the back

We have nothing in common did we ever at all are hanging side by side or are we hanging from afar is this the rest of our lives playing out on a movie screen or are we even gonna make it out alive is this really what we’re feeling or is this just some made up dream can we ever just get up and move if we can’t even find our legs will we ever overcome the ability to just walk can you say hello can you even hear me are you close enough or too close it’s killing can you even hear yourself or can you only hear what isn’t being said do you even know where your going were you lost before the path began tell me can you even hear yourself breathe.

Everyone gets to be happier than me. I mean not everyone. But we get my point right. Lol. I wish I could be strong enough to do something about it

My life sucks because of you but that’s ok it’s my fault for loving you

I don’t want to be married I don’t want to be with anyone relationships suck and change you forever life is better by yourself if you don’t have anyone to treat you right bc relationships change everything.

I hate my life. So much. I’m so irritated. It doesn’t get better. I’m tired of this world. I want better smarter more mature people in my life.

You don’t help to do anything around here. You are pathetic. And make my life more stressful.

I hope you know you deserve nothing. At all. I hope you cry on you’re knees bc you are such a screwed up person.

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